Our Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions relate to the company Exit Games BV, with VAT number BE 0773.622.411 and with the following address: Bagattenstraat 132, 9000 Gent, including the escape games in Ghent, Bagattenstraat 132, 9000 Gent & in Bruges, Hoefijzerpad 17E, 8000 Bruges.

Every booking (online or otherwise) at Exit Games BV, irrevocably implicates that you, the customer, accept all our terms and conditions and rules explicitly, including our conduct and accountability rules. 

Exit Games BV can not be held responsible under any circumstances for any possible accidents. Although the games are absolutely not dangerous, every participant who takes part in one of the games, declares to do so entirely at his own risk. In addition, the participant explicitly agrees never to be entitled to any form of compensation, in case an accident should happen before, during or after the game event.

Exit Games BV can also never be held responsible under any circumstances for any loss of property, means of payment, clothing, etc., that you have suffered before, during or after participation in our activities.

Each participant declares that he will fully comply with the guidelines that are given or communicated by the Game Master(s). Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in exclusion from the Games, without the right to any form of refund or compensation.

The Game Masters are, in case of inappropriate behavior of the participants, always entitled to intervene via camera or through direct intervention in the games and also to possibly immediately terminate the game. Moreover, the participants who behave inappropriately, may be asked to leave the premises. These measures, applied on the excluded participants, will not give them any right to any form of refund or compensation.

Exit Games BV always reserves the right to recover any damage caused by the participants, from the latter.

We define inappropriate behavior inter alia as follows:

  • drunkenness or any other form of intoxication

  • indoor smoking

  • any kind of aggression or intimidation against the organization and / or other persons present

  • being overly noisy

  • deliberate damage to the property or any of the games

  • (to try) to steal objects from the games and / or building

  • not respecting the instructions or rules imposed by the Game Masters or Game Hosts

  • fully or partially make public or copy any kind of information on the facility or the concept or operation of the various games.

Herewith each participant also accepts that he or she will in any case not be granted access to the games with food, drink, dangerous items, mobile phones, tablets, smartphones, cameras, film equipment, recorders or any other device that can be regarded as recording devices. Every participant will be asked to store these items in the lockers, which are made especially available to you for that purpose. The Game Masters have at all times the right to control this. Violation of this rule will anyway always lead to immediate exclusion from the game.

All our games and associated game components, as well as the actual gameplay remain the property of Exit Games and are protected by copyrights. It is therefore expressly forbidden, to make any information public before, during or after participation in the games.

Participants give explicit permission to film their activities in the different areas. These images are not stored or kept longer than 14 days and are then removed. They can however be used to document and prove a possible case of malicious damage or inappropriate behavior.

During these events, we may take pictures, in which participants are shown. The concerned participants will however always be asked whether or not we may use these images and make them public, before doing so.

Each game experience lasts up to a maximum of 60 minutes (with the exception of the Time Machine Race I & II). Immediately after the game experience, the participants will be asked to leave the game areas as soon as possible. Each participant explicitly agrees to that in order not to compromise the timing for any subsequent participants. It is expected of each participant to check in at our premises 15 minutes before the start of the game. Signing up late can lead to a shortened game experience or even to exclusion, without the right to claim any form of compensation or reimbursement.

Reserving or booking a game can be done online via our website or by telephone. A game can be reserved up to four hours before the start of that game.

Exit Games BV reserves the right to itself to change any reservations and / or cancel it, without having to give a reason. Of course, in this exceptional case the customer will always be contacted asap and it will be examined what best suits the client / participant and, if desired, the entire amount already paid by the customer, will be reimbursed to the latter. For this modification or cancellation by us however, there can never be claimed an additional compensation of any kind.

If you yourself want to change or cancel a reservation, the following rules apply:

- In the confirmation-email you’ll receive after your booking, you’ll find a button that leads you back to the reservation-page on our website, where you can view your personal reservation and/or modify it. If you did not get such a mail or have problems modifying or canceling your booking, please contact us by phone. If you originally booked with us by telephone, please also call us back for any changes to your reservation.

- Up to 36 hours before the start of your booked game, you can cancel or modify your reservation without charge. If you also payed your booking online, the total amount of your booking will be transferred to you as a voucher.

- If you cancel less than 36 hours before the start of the booked game, we’ll have to charge you a cancellation-fee of 50%. Customers who do not show up (“no-show”) or much too late, will lose their right to participate, without the right to any form of refund or compensation.

We always reserve the right to change these terms and conditions and / or add supplements. These terms and conditions are governed by Belgian law and can, in case of disputes, only be challenged in a Belgian court.